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Sage x Romeo

All Puppies Found a Home! See you next time!


Green Boy

Found a Home!

Green is so soft and he's huge sucker for kisses and hugs! He loves to just snuggle up and fall asleep on your lap!


Orange Boy

Found a Home!

This little boy is super curly! He is a dark brown/ red and is ready to hang out and play with his family.


Gray Boy

Found a Home!

His nickname is itty bitty because he is the smallest one, but he can play with his siblings and snuggle just like all the rest!


Teal Girl

Found a Home!

This little lady is so sweet and down to snuggle with anyone who will let her.


White Girl

Found a Home!

This little sweetheart will adore you! She absolutely loves attention and hugs. She is a soft brown with a small amount of white on her chest.


Pink Girl

Found a Home!

A tiny girl with lots of curls. She's super sweet but can hold her own!


Red Boy

Found a Home!

This little puppy loves to play and loves to have your attention! He also loves to give kisses and snuggle.


Blue Boy

Found a Home!

This puppy loves being playful, but also loves to sit down for a good cuddle. He has a small amount of white on his chest.


Purple Girl

Found a Home!

Purple is sure to win you over with her adorable looks and cuddly personality. She has white under her chin and on her chest.

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